Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome To 2009

How strange... I wanted suddenly to title this blog: Welcome To Your New Life. I wonder if that is prophetic in my case. (If so, I sure hope it's in a good way!)

I am one of those silly souls who actually came in to work this morning. My office is cold but for the airstream of heat coming from the Tramp Heater under my desk. Joe is here somewhere, but not in his office. I'd give it a guess he is in the OR this morning. Why am I at work? I do have things I need to get done, though all of it could have been done from home.

Class begins Monday for me, a rapid 6-week Winter term. I like that. This will be just the simple computer skills course, but that's good. In the spring comes history, art history, and philosophy. I was trying to get sociology in there as well, but it won't let me sign up for that, too. (Actually, I should try it again right now...)

AHA! Never mind, it let me add the class, probably because grades have been posted. I just got a D in it (yes, I am very embarrassed about that), but pulled the GPA up by getting an A in History of Religion.

Off on a bit of a sidenote here, but about a year to a year and a half ago there was a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks on the main campus at UCI for about a week. One of the things they were doing was creating a sand mandala. I was lucky enough to get out of work and take the van down there to see this, and got some photos. Yes, I want to share two of them... this is just something you should see in person if you ever get a chance.

The room hummed with the small staccato taps of the sticks on the funnels, urging colored flows of sand onto the table. It was peaceful in there, and jovial. The monks would joke a bit with each other every so often, and the American monk would answer visitors' questions in a soft, assured voice. Displays were set up around the room, but most people were in a larger circle, entranced by the creation of the mandala.

Sometimes things show you much more beauty than you expect. This was one of them for me.

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