Friday, October 31, 2008

Countdown To NaNoWriMo08

Less than an hour and a half left of October, 2008. This means Halloween is nearly done.

This also means madcap noveling is about to commence all up and down the West Coast of the United States,. I wish you all luck, and hope mine is just as dandy.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Food, School, And NaNo

I went to this morning and, just out of curiosity, I plugged in all the foods and drink I consumed yesterday. I know I overindulged.... we're all guilty (if you could say that) of it at times. But holy cow and columbus! I ate three and a half times the normal amount of calories we're supposed to have. And fat content? Not even going there.

A couple weeks ago I managed to snag an insulated lunch tote from a carpooling fair at work. This morning I am putting it to what I hope will be good use. Inside it at the moment is one baggie with slices from one red delicious and one gala apple, one baggie with Trader Joe's no-salt-added corn, and a small rice bowl I picked up at the Tokyo store in the mall (for the corn). I am going to add a couple tea bags of chai tea and a mug before I leave for work. I like chai because I can drink the hell out of it and only use a couple packets of Splenda. With coffee, I use more Splenda (not so bad) and loads of creamer from work (bad).

My coffee I have been drinking this morning, and have feasted on one d'anjou pear - my favorite. Good stuffs, Maynard.

I've fallen a bit behind on studying, and plan to remedy that like mad this weekend. Silly, ridiculous me. The e-books will be open in another window while I'm at work, too... most of the stuff for work has been caught up, and I am waiting on a few reps to call or write me back regarding the Difficult Airway Workshop coming up in a couple weeks. I have an off-rotation student coming in for an exam, and the SICU stuff needs to be done. Oh, and tests need to be graded from last week. That's nearly about it.

Maybe I will branch off and jot down ideas about my NaNo novel, too. I know what I will write. I think. I'm pretty sure. Hells, I'm never really sure until I begin the thing just after midnight on November 1st.

And who knows... maybe people reading this blog will be buying it this time next year.

My novel, not the load I'm shoveling...

Friday, October 17, 2008

T Minus 15 Days And Counting...

Here comes NaNoWriMo '08. Here come the nefarious plot bunnies, and those flying guilt monkeys, and all the caffeine (and nicotine for those who do) one can possibly absorb into one's body in a single month.

Here comes writing like... dare I say... John Norman at his most repetitive. I swear the man was pulling a NaNo before NaNo was born. And neglected to pre-invent the EdMo (National Novel Editing Month).

I don't know what to write. Bites like hell. Most likely someone will die in it, though. I'm such a morbid one when skribblink. Die, die, die. The air is heavy with the stench of maggots as they feast on dead blood and rot, hidden deep inside an expired mattress. The Forever-Youngs playing at eternity, tasting salt metal oozing from another's wrist.

Yep, getting awfully flowery there. I think I'm ready for NaNo.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I have an interview this morning. I don't particularly want to go. I would prefer to just goof off at home some more, read some, work on class stuff. But because this is on campus, I really do have to go. I don't need anyone going "Oh, that one? She sounds good, but she canceled the interview for our department at the last minute. I wouldn't bother with her."

The upside is lunch with a friend who works on main campus. Yayyy for foodles-time!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

No Paper...

It turns out I did not write the paper. All this means is I absolutely have to do the next two if I wish to get an excellent grade in the class. These are papers on films - one will be on Gandhi, and the other I want to write about Jesus of Montreal, but can't find the DVD anywhere. I do have that really old Jesus of Nazareth movie, the one they would show around Easter each year. (The most memorable thing about it for me is the line in the print during the last Supper... it goes straight down the middle, straight through Jesus' noggin.)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Simple Things

I have a paper due by ten tonight, and naturally I've not started it. Of course it will be done and nicely so by then. Oh, and turned in as well!

It has been cloudy and cool all day. I am definitely not complaining, though. I enjoy it. I feel like grabbing one of my jackets and going for a long, long walk. Maybe down to the beach, and the marina, and take some photos and all. Granted, it's getting late, but when has that ever stopped me from roaming around?

Actually, I have been rather lazy all day, and I'm not too proud of the fact. It wasn't what I intended to do. So despite the late afternoon hour, I am going to do some of my chores* and then relax in a good way by watching the rest of Raiders of the Lost Ark and cuddling with my cat.

Oh, the sun is peeking out now. Lovely! And a sudden urge for Greek food for dinner.

*Are they called chores if you are always the one to tell yourself to do them? Or is that just housework?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NaNo 08

Thirty-one more days until the beginning of this year's NaNoWriMo. Nineteen before my sociology class begins. Uhoh. Can I?

Hells yes, I can. Why not?

Will I?

Dunno. :)

Ocean & Orion

Taking the garbage out to the Dumpster a few minutes ago, I smiled to myself. The ocean is clearly in the air this morning. Its bluegreen, briny mist made me stop in the mucky alleyways framing the buildings here. I looked up into a clear sky and there was just enough absence of city lighting back there for me to see the constellation Orion clearly.

Orion has always been there, even when I can't see him. He was in Oklahoma, New York, Minnesota. Traveling back and forth through the desert and prairie, he has been above me. No matter where I am, I have always felt a comfort at being able to just look up into the night sky and see the man with his swordbelt of stars.

I wished I could have walked down to the ocean and been able to watch as dawn comes, but instead I came back inside and began getting ready for work.
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