Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ocean & Orion

Taking the garbage out to the Dumpster a few minutes ago, I smiled to myself. The ocean is clearly in the air this morning. Its bluegreen, briny mist made me stop in the mucky alleyways framing the buildings here. I looked up into a clear sky and there was just enough absence of city lighting back there for me to see the constellation Orion clearly.

Orion has always been there, even when I can't see him. He was in Oklahoma, New York, Minnesota. Traveling back and forth through the desert and prairie, he has been above me. No matter where I am, I have always felt a comfort at being able to just look up into the night sky and see the man with his swordbelt of stars.

I wished I could have walked down to the ocean and been able to watch as dawn comes, but instead I came back inside and began getting ready for work.

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