Saturday, October 04, 2008

Simple Things

I have a paper due by ten tonight, and naturally I've not started it. Of course it will be done and nicely so by then. Oh, and turned in as well!

It has been cloudy and cool all day. I am definitely not complaining, though. I enjoy it. I feel like grabbing one of my jackets and going for a long, long walk. Maybe down to the beach, and the marina, and take some photos and all. Granted, it's getting late, but when has that ever stopped me from roaming around?

Actually, I have been rather lazy all day, and I'm not too proud of the fact. It wasn't what I intended to do. So despite the late afternoon hour, I am going to do some of my chores* and then relax in a good way by watching the rest of Raiders of the Lost Ark and cuddling with my cat.

Oh, the sun is peeking out now. Lovely! And a sudden urge for Greek food for dinner.

*Are they called chores if you are always the one to tell yourself to do them? Or is that just housework?

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