Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To Move, But To Where?

During a bit of a break at work Monday, I looked through the employment listings at Oklahoma University... not that I prefer going there or anything, but out of curiosity. Lots of listings, actually, and a few I could really go for. This led to my looking at various apartments (after work), and smiled wryly when I saw rents of like $550 and deposits of a whopping $100. To put this in perspective, the studio I now rent in a not-so-great area of Long Beach had a $1450.00 deposit plus the $725.00 first month's rent when I moved in here three years ago. The rents have since increased about $100 for the newly-rented apartments, so I imagine the deposit has increased to around $1650 by now. To see a deposit of $100 seems impossible to me.

Up in Oregon, which is where I prefer to move, the deposits are more along the lines of $300-$400. Still, amazingly low to me.

Yesterday, I applied for the position at OU, and found a few others at Portland State and OHSU in Portland. A friend of mine also sent me a couple she found where we work... one of which I have already applied for ages ago. Another friend told me that it couldn't hurt to apply for it, but they have had the position open for over a year, and most likely won't hire for it as they have someone else actually doing the job on top of her other duties. Sounds about right.

I will send in more resumes and all today. Another one of the attendings told me to use him as a reference yesterday, too, which was wonderful of him.

There seems to be no actual "end" to this post, so I will just publish it. After all, this whole thing is still ongoing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Okay, if you are moving someplace warm, take me with you! I wanna go someplace warm! I want to move someplace warm, instead of being stuck out here in the land of frozen tundra!



His kajirah said...

Moving is tough, but those prices are great compared to California.

Wishing you much luck in your search


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