Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Three And A Half Years On...

Amazing how long it's been since I began this blog, and amazing how little I've posted to the thing.

Life has changed quite a bit since then, and also remained the same. No longer temping, and I can say that with great, great relief. I am finally managing classes in college without having to drop because work needed me during those hours. (Well, working for a university might help that, too...) I have moved twice since my last post here, and am now searching for another place, but this time at my leisure.

I have to say it's so nice to be able to take my time in something like that.

I've bought a car, the first one I have ever financed. Scary? Hells yeah. But one of those steps I needed to take. A good, permanent job means I can think ahead and make payments and not worry about how I will afford gasoline or if I will need to go to the food pantry this week.

This Monday begins my English class, and my history class... History of Religion. Already in the pre-class email the instructor warns people about proselytizing, or critiizing other religions. I would expect no less, personally. I nearly didn't take this course because of the prohibitive cost of the textbook (not so bad by itself, but nearly $100 more on top of the already-spendy books I'm needing for this semester), but the professor also pointed out that the book is available online for a fee. The fee turns out to be half the book's cover price, and the subscriber can print it for his or her own use. Sold.

In other news? Not too much. I was actually brought back over here because an amazing woman has begun an amazing blog on here. In her own words: a new blog that will deal primarily with pop culture and how it interacts/battles with fat acceptance. Take a gander... seriously, at http://intellectualbabe.blogspot.com/

It will do you good.

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