Friday, June 18, 2010

Still Hot!

The weather, that is... although I'm not feeling so shabby myself with a new, much shorter haircut. It used to be down near my waist, but the last cut I had was a razor cut, and if you don't keep those up meticulously, they begin looking shaggy, then raggedy, then just like you have a head full of split ends.

A wonderful stylist named Curtis over in Penn Square Mall (At MasterCuts, if anyone ventures near) fixed it all up. Nice, healthy, curling near the ends, bouncy (even though the humidity really tries to keep this from happening)... I am really very happy with it. And bonus? He waxed my eyebrows for another ten bucks. I know that's a usual service for a usual price. I've had it done before in California, and I love it. But Curtis was very methodical and did bits at a time, instead of slopping the wax over huge portions. Then he tweezed to make it perfect, checking the alignment and evenness and everything, and then put lotion on my skin afterward. I know all of that is probably what should go with the service, but it's the first time I've had it done.

So silly me, I am all happy from what I consider pampering the other day. And really glad for the hair falling to about the middle of my shoulder blades, because believe me, it is a lot cooler than it used to be!

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