Monday, June 07, 2010

Long Time Past!

Hi, guys!

In the time since I last posted, I have had to move from my beloved California back to Oklahoma City. I grew up here, and have left it twice already - once to move to New York, and once to California - and yet here I am again.

I came here because I thought it would be cheaper to live here, jobs would be easier to come by, and I could get back on my feet (and back out to California) in a relatively short amount of time. Let me tell you, that's not how it is at all. I do have a job now, finally, but one that pays minimum wage and is only part time. Considering a few years ago I was working more than 40 hours a week at times, and making enough to live comfortably without having to really count pennies in Los Angeles... Well, this is a huge step down.

I am also without wheels, which sucks here. Moreso than when in SoCal, believe me. I do have the use of my Dad's car, for which I am grateful, but it's not the same. And it looks like it will be at least a year, if not longer, before I will be able to buy my own.

BUT... I am managing. Most of my things (and I do mean most!) are in storage in California still. I had naively thought that after about three or four weeks here in OKC, I'd rent a car, drive to Long Beach, and get some of the things to bring back here. Unfortunately, all rental places in Oklahoma require you to have either a credit (not debit) card, or "credit-worthiness". My current score of 478 will not help me rent a car in this state. What does this mean, though? It just means I have less stuff to dust every week, and I have less stuff I will have to move back out there when *I* move back out there!

There is no Trader Joe's here, which sucks. Upside? I don't go on spending sprees at Joe's. There is, however, a Sephora, which means I can still get pretties when I want to give myself a treat. Even though I live in the middle of the largest city here, there is pretty much nothing around. There is, but very long walking distances. Upside to this? I can see great expanses of sky.

And my cat is enjoying chittering at all the birds just outside the apartment windows. :)

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