Monday, September 22, 2008

हेल्प! इ'म इन हिन्दी!

इ सीम तो बे व्रितिंग इन हिन्दी... इफ ओनली इ'डी पेड मोरे अत्तेंशन व्हेन जीवन वास त्र्यिंग तो टीच में तो रीड।

What that says:

I seem to be writing in Hindi... If only I'd paid more attention when Jiwan was trying to teach me to read।

Okay, okay... That was interesting, for about three seconds, I guess.

I recently had my hair cut much shorter than I normally do. It is still considered long, but I would say it only goes a few inches past my shoulders, whereas it used to be down to my waist. I was tired of it catching on things constantly, the ends breaking off and just looking ragged no matter what I tried to do. To save my somewhat-tired sanity, and look halfway decent for interviews, I had it cut.

Today I tossed it up into a claw-comb, laughing at the way it just sticks up in the back now, instead of tumbling over the plastic fastening it to my scalp and half hiding it. With windows down, sunroof open, and my crazy ass driving up the 22, one lock came loose and has curled itself delicately around my face, hugging the jawline on the opposite side of its roots.

It is a pleasant feeling, this stronger sense of femininity.

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